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So your sex will be as hot as in “Fifty Shades of Grey

Those who know the books and have seen the movie know: “Fifty Shades of Grey” is damn sexy. You want to experience something like that in your bedroom? We know how to find your way into the hot S&M world … It is an exciting, dark, erotic cosmos where pain is lust and pain is […]

How he makes use of his naked picture faux pas

Chris Evans is getting a lot of attention in the social media right now – thanks to a nude photo. He is now using this for a good cause. Typical Captain America? Chris Evans (39, “Knives Out”) wants to use the fuss about his person because of an alleged nude picture for a good cause. […]

“Makes life better”: He’s doing a campaign commercial for Joe Biden

Joe Biden was able to win considerable support for a campaign commercial. Brad Pitt addressed the pathetic clip and affirms: “Biden stands for respect, empathy and truth. Joe Biden (77) wants to move into the White House to “restore the soul of the nation” – this is what is written in a new Democratic campaign […]