Some experiences linger for a long time, unfortunately not only the positive ones. For example, Jennifer Esposito is apparently still busy working through her relationship with “hangover” star Bradley Cooper. Amazing, because the marriage only lasted a few months and was more than 12 years ago.

Hollywood star Bradley Cooper (44) is making relationship headlines this month – but it is not entirely voluntary. At the beginning of the month it became known that his relationship with model Irina Shayk (33) was on the brink of breaking up. According to the British “The Sun”, the beautiful Russian has already left their common home, not without taking her daughter Lea De Seine (2) with her. When Bradley recently appeared in public, he is tanned and radiant. Sad looks different somehow. In the video above you can see the recordings.

Mean, cold and hardly predictable?
Now also statements of Bradley’s ex, actress Jennifer Esposito (46), become a topic again. As “” reports, Jennifer accuses her ex in her autobiography “Jennifer’s Way”, published in 2014, of having been cold and unpredictable. According to this, she writes: “We had a good time, but he could also be mean and cold. His mood sometimes changed from one moment to the next”. Also, in the relationship, which lasted only a few months, everything revolved around her ex, who could be very manipulative.

Cooper’s name does not mention Jennifer in this devastating portrayal, but that is not necessary either. The temporal classification alone rules out any mistakes.