Joe Biden was able to win considerable support for a campaign commercial. Brad Pitt addressed the pathetic clip and affirms: “Biden stands for respect, empathy and truth.

Joe Biden (77) wants to move into the White House to “restore the soul of the nation” – this is what is written in a new Democratic campaign commercial, which was published shortly before the presidential election on November 3. Behind this pompous message is also a genuine Hollywood star and Oscar winner: Brad Pitt (56, “Seven”) has taken on the voiceover for the exactly one-minute spot called “Make Life Better”.

Brad Pitt clearly speaks out for Joe Biden
The message of the clip could not be clearer. While Donald Trump (74) had split the USA and was stirring up the people against each other, Biden wanted to reunite the two camps. “America is a place for everyone. For those who have chosen this country. For those who have fought for it. Some are Republicans, some are Democrats. And most of them are somewhere in between.” Each of them is looking for a leader “who understands their hopes, their dreams, and their pain,” Pitt said of footage showing Biden meeting people from all walks of life.

Biden listens to his fellow human beings, treats them with respect, and most importantly: he tells the truth. He is a “President for all Americans,” the advertising campaign concludes. With this campaign, Pitt joins the ranks of the many US stars who publicly support Biden. Among them are the singers Taylor Swift (30) and Jennifer Lopez (51) or the actors Dwayne Johnson (48) and Chris Evans (39), to name but a few. On November 3, 2020 it will be decided whether Trump will be allowed to stay in the White House or whether Biden will replace him as the most powerful man in the world.