Those who know the books and have seen the movie know: “Fifty Shades of Grey” is damn sexy. You want to experience something like that in your bedroom? We know how to find your way into the hot S&M world …

It is an exciting, dark, erotic cosmos where pain is lust and pain is sweet. We’re talking about sadomasochism, often abbreviated as S&M – a kind of sex that has been gaining more and more fans and followers not only since “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

The top priority in such sex games is always safety. The most important motto of the scene is therefore “Safe, sane and consensual”: safe, sensible, consensual. Only when these three conditions are met should you surrender to the hot interplay of desire, commands and bondage. What comes then? Let yourself be inspired by our erotic tips.

Slip into a completely new role!
One person commands, the other follows – and what part do you want to take on? Play master and servant or mistress and stable boy, depending on your preferred balance of power. Don’t worry: You can change roles at any time, in S&M jargon this is called “switching”.

Beginners may find it helpful to give themselves suitable names for the sex game. Before you do this, make sure you only address your partner with “Sir” or “Daddy” or let yourself be addressed with “Madam”. And if the salutation is forgotten once, it sets something, for example a gentle spanking on the butt.

Discover toys for adults!
In “Fifty Shades of Grey” the eroticism often takes place between the lines, then it is enough when Christian (played in the movie by Jamie Dornan (33)) and Anastasia (played in the movie by Dakota Johnson (26)) simply exchange electrifying looks. But sometimes it is fun to get down to business. A good possibility for this is sex toys like whips or cloths with which you can blindfold your eyes.

If you don’t want to invest a whole fortune in toys, simply use household items such as wooden spoons (great for spanking!) or silk scarves to tie up hands and feet. Basically, you can use almost anything for little S&M games, from clothespins to feather duster – after all, tickling can also become erotic torture.

Set limits!
With all these sex practices, one thing is always in the foreground: the consent of both partners. Of course, it is in the nature of S&M that it is not always clear when a limit is really reached – or whether “Ouch” actually means “More, please! In order to be able to better assess your partner, you should agree on a so-called “safe word” together: A code word with which both can say stop at any time.

Such a safe word is especially helpful if you involve third parties in your sex game. After all, this is also part of S&M: exciting threesome situations or erotic visits to appropriate clubs. There you can punish your loved one in front of everyone for his or her improper behavior – or let yourself be punished…