The third part of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy is also hot again. In a new interview, Dakota Johnson alias Anastasia Steele tells us how hot and what she had to wear and didn’t have to wear.

Naked skin is really enough in “Fifty Shades of Grey: Liberated Lust”, including BDSM games in the red room and sex in European four-poster beds. After all, Anastasia Steel and her chic billionaire Christian Grey want to enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest after the wedding.

In real life, “Fifty Shades of Grey” star Dakota is dating “Coldplay” frontman Chris Martin – the pictures in the video above made their wonderful love official.

To the theatrical release
“Fifty Shades of Grey”: We are completely captivated by the wedding dress!
This is what many have been waiting for: Finally you can watch the third part of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series in the cinema from today! Besides all the scenes, one thing caught our attention true to the motto “Liberated Lust” (exactly!): Ana’s wedding dress!
She wore a string free thong
But what looks like uncompromising passion and sexual desire on the screen is more a technical matter for the two leading actors Dakota Johnson (28) and Jamie Dornan (35). As the 28-year-old explains in an interview with the American fashion website “”, during the sex scenes she only wore a thong without strings, i.e. panties without strings.

So your sex will be as hot as in “Fifty Shades of Grey”.
Those who know the books and have seen the movie know: “Fifty Shades of Grey” is damn sexy. You want to experience something like that in your bedroom? We know how to find your way into the hot S&M world …
She had to wear two of these “things
“It looks similar to these nipple pasties, but it’s not sticky all over, just on the upper part,” Dakota explains the protective part, which is similar to the stickers for nipples. However, this meant that the thong fell off all the time. “I then had to wear two of the things that they stuck to my body with superglue. At least you feel a bit protected, but it’s totally bizarre.” No question, no erotic scene is shot without any physical contact. That was already the case in the first two parts.

Pregnant? Your outfit choice leaves room for speculation!

Jamie also wore a “little bag”
According to the Dakota, Jamie Dornan also had to wear “a small bag” for protection. “I had to put a Wee-Bag over it,” he confessed in an interview with US comedian Jimmy Kimmel, “that’s what they call it in my country. But that doesn’t mean HE’s small, because I carry a pretty big bag.”

So it doesn’t sound as if the sex scenes were shot in a really hot way. But it’s undeniable that Jamie and Dakota got very close even with all the “protective clothing”. I wonder what Dakota’s new boyfriend Chris Martin (40) has to say about that?